ECG, European Cosplay Gathering - Saison 2023/2024

Upcoming selection schedule

18 countries around the world are part of the ECG: discover the partner events hosting selections on this page and follow the results on our website in the coming month!

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June 2023

Netherlands, Animecon

July 2023

France, Japan Expo

September 2023

Germany, Connichi

Romania, East European Comic Con

October 2023

Austria, Yunicon

November 2023

Italy, Lucca Comics & Games

Sweden, Dreamhack Winter

December 2023

Spain, Salon del Manga Barcelona

USA, Holiday Matsuri

January 2024

Finland, Desucon Frostbite

February 2024

Denmark, J-Popcon

Mars 2024

United Kingdom, Insomnia

Switzerland, Polymanga

April 2024

Belgium, FACTS Spring

Australia, Dreamhack Australia

May 2024

Portugal, Iberanime

Czech Republic, Animefest

June 2024

Poland, Pyrkon

After a period of selections around the world, let’s meet at Japan Expo 2024, on July 11-14, 2024, for the finals!

Do you want to associate your event with the ECG and welcome selections? Contact us with the form: click here.


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