ECG, European Cosplay Gathering - Saison 2019 / 2020 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Meeting with the Swedish representative

Aminoo, the Swedish representative in solo category shares with us her feelings about the upcoming ECG finals.

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How do you feel about the upcoming ECG finals?

Amenoo: I'm very excited. This is the first time Sweden is competing in ECG finals and I feel so honoured to be the first Swedish solo representant. Competing in the ECG has always been a dream for me, so I'm very much looking forward to it.

Why did you decide to make this character for the selections?

A: Like many of my cosplays, I just suddenly decide them on a whim. When Daisy was announced to be in the new Super Smash Bros Game, I got really excited. Daisy has always been my favorite Super Mario character, and she is so underappreciated. Then when I needed to pick my cosplay for the selections she just popped up in my head and I knew I had to make it.

Which part of your costume are you the proudest of?

A: My goal with this cosplay was to make it as screen accurate as possible, which I actually think I did. I wanted to keep that cartoony look of the cosplay, so cleanliness was everything. 

Can you give us a hint about what you plan to do for the finals?

A: Since I am so proud of Daisy and think she deserves so much love I will bring her to the ECG finals. But she's going through a few upgrades before that of course!

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