ECG, European Cosplay Gathering - Saison 2019 / 2020 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Let's meet the Finnish representative!

Veera the Finnish representative shares her feelings about the upcoming ECG finals!

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How do you feel about the upcoming ECG finals?

Veera: I am so hyped for the ECG finals! I am excited of making the costume for the finals, meeting all the contestants, performing and obviously travelling to another country. It’s going to be epic!

Why did you decide to make this character for the selections?

V: I made Anwar from Avalon Code back in 2017 for the World Cosplay Summit and since then it has been sitting in closet untouched. I decided to face my creation again and revamp the whole costume from the tip of the shoe to the strand of the hair. I am so proud of the finished costume and I feel like I’ve learned so much since I made the first version.

Which part of your costume are you the proudest of?

V: The massive sword which splits into 5 pieces for travelling! This was the first big prop I’ve ever built, and with all the details and techniques I used, I can safely say that the sword is quite an eyecatcher and one of my proudest cosplay props!

Can you give us a hint about what you plan to do for the finals?

V: How about I spill the beans and reveal my costume now, so you can follow the process of making the costume! I am making Witch Mercy from Overwatch. This cosplay is the Holy Grail of costumes and I am so thrilled facing this monstrosity which will have moving wings, spinning staff and much more! If you want to follow my process head to!

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