ECG, European Cosplay Gathering - Saison 2023/2024

ECG is 10 years old!

To celebrate the anniversary of your favorite contest and remember the best moments of the last 10 years, a trailer is available!

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ECG: it is now 10 years of glitters, celebration and fierce competition to elect the best cosplays across Europe!

If the 10th edition hsa been compromised by the health crisis, it is about to be finished in the best way, with a very expected final at Japan Expo this summer!

To remember the best of the previous editions and to dive a little more into the 10th season actually running, watch the official trailer!


And don't forget, to make the most of the final on Saturday, July 16th, get your Star Pass which guarantees a seat in the first rows and a fast-pass!

Go to the Japan Expo ticketing office here.


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