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Interview with the Danish representative

The Danish solo representative, Lupin, shares her feelings about the selections and the upcoming finals!

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How do you feel about the upcoming ECG Finals?
Lupin: Might call myself an ECG veteran by now, but what is completely new is the fact that I am in the solo category. It’s something I’ve never dealt in before, so a new and unknown territory is being explored this time around and that is always quite exciting.

Why did you decide to make this character for the selections? 
Lupin: The Marvel universe has been such a huge part of my life for the past couple of years, I just knew I would eventually choose to represent a character from it. As a proud Scandinavian, my choice eventually fell on Loki, the God of Mischief. I grew up with stories about him and his adventures with Thor, not from a comic book point of view, but through Nordic mythology. There has always been something incredibly magnetic about his character, to the point I would call him a misunderstood hero rather than a vilain. Marvel gave him a fantastic new spin, and with an incredible actor to copy and study there was no doubt in my mind that should I ever try a solo performance, Loki would be the perfect choice.

Which part of your costume are you the proudest of? 
Lupin: I think the fact that I could construct it so cleanly without having to add any touch-up details. It was quite time-consuming, but I honestly love how the design is made to look as if every piece is wrapped around him. I also love the crown. I had absolutely no experience in crafting headgears, but there is a first time for everything.

Can you give us a hint about what you plan to do for the Finals?
Lupin: I spent such a great amount of time and passion to create my cosplay for the selections that I simply could not/would not dare to go through that process again, because I hardly think I would come up with anything better.

And now you’ll see Lupin on stage at Japan Expo for the finals on July 7: let’s wish her the best of luck!


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