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Interview with the Belgian representative

The Belgian solo representative, Muralu, shares her feelings about the selections and the upcoming finals!

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How do you feel about the upcoming ECG Finals?
Muralu: I'm not the kind of person that gets anxious easily, but I haven't been able to stay still since the selections! I've been following the ECG contest ever since the first season, in which I took part, and I've been trying to participate again many times. This year feels like a revenge so I can't wait until D-day! I'll be contesting other finals and I've just started to create my costume for the ECG finals so I haven't slept much since the selections! Luckily, the other representatives have given me a warm welcome.

Why did you decide to make this character for the selections? 
Muralu: Those who know me are well aware that Disney is my favorite universe. It was thus logical for me to embody a character from a world I truly love for such important selections. The funny thing here is that I'm not really fond of the first Frozen movie, yet I love Anna's character. I've created all of her dresses. But what I love the most is to play her role. She's very cheerful, naive, innocent, marvels at everything, and has lots of love to give! It's great to embody this character.

Which part of your costume are you the proudest of? 
Muralu: This costume does not seem really complex when you look at it from afar. My main assets are my attention to detail and the use of original materials! Since this costume is only made of fabric, I don't have a "favorite" part, I just love it as a whole! Moreover, wearing it feels like putting on pajamas. But if I truly had to choose, I would say the shoes and their hand-stitched patterns.

Can you give us a hint about what you plan to do for the Finals?
Muralu: I'm not really hiding my project for the finals, but to keep you in suspense... *epic cello solo*

And now you’ll see Muralu on stage at Japan Expo for the finals on July 7: let’s wish her the best of luck!


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