ECG, European Cosplay Gathering - Saison 2023/2024

★ ECG Wildcard ★

Since Season 9, the European Cosplay Gathering launched a new concept: "ECG Wildcard"!

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From next season on, one country will be honored every year as part of the biggest cosplay show in Europe: the ECG finals at Japan Expo! Every year, a new country will be featured. The only difference is that this country will be part of the ECG Finals on stage and activities related to it, but not of the competition itself.

The ECG Wildcard won’t be limited to Europe: countries and events from all over the world are welcome and can apply to become the ECG Wildcard for a year. This way, they will be represented during the ECG finals.

We’re very happy to launch this new concept and to allow our contestants as well as the public to discover new communities, this way contributing the exchange and meetings that are part of cosplay.

Only the events or event organizers can apply to the ECG Wildcard but we invite you, our dear cosplayers, to spread the news to your favorite events and invite them to apply!


You may apply from now on: download the application form, read it thoroughly and fill it in by downloading this application form.

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